We save your money

Our extensive knowledge and proven experience in managing projects including construction allows us to ensure optimal, reliable and consistent service on a daily basis. Besides this, if requested, we prefer to build without general contractor to save on construction costs and guarantee the highest possible quality.

We also have the staff and skills to manage most of Russian intricate and umerous administrative permits and authorization procedures in-house, not only saving money but assuring the best possible control on all multiple bureaucracy linked processes.

We save your time

The clients need to dedicate a lot of time and attention to manage a project interfacing with multiple vendors and stakeholders. They also have to manage risk and provide for quality control. We do it for them freeing the clients for other priorities.

Through the years of work we have acquired knowledge of the best specialty contractors and vendors. This allows managing a large number of contractors, vendors and other parties reducing the project time to a minimum.

We manage risks

A project management company is obligated to reduce risk to a minimum. Most risks are related to utilities and bureaucracy: experience is a "must-have" to avoid derailing the project and to assure completion on budget and on time.

We manage all the work

Taking the burden of routine work off our clients, we manage the entire workload ncluding site selection, zoning, design, permissions and authorizations, construction works, procurement, delivery and custom clearance, equipment certification, and VAT return and local tax exemptions where applicable.

We also hire local staff and organize proper training, assist client’s production and service management in installing the equipment and in the start-up of production and commissioning of the project.

The client’s production equipment vendors and installers can rely on us for permits nd any special licenses they may need to operate in Russia.


Project Management versus Internal Staff

In order to manage a development and construction project, the staff needs an adequate background and proven experience in these specific fields. Unless the client’s internal staff has the necessary experience in managing bureaucracy linked procedures and construction, using a Project Management company will provide the client with specialized staff reducing risks, costs and time to complete the project thus reducing the amount of own human resource the client shall devote to the project.

By assisting the client in employment of production and management staff, we contribute to guaranteeing a smooth transition after project completion. Additionally the client will avoid costs of having their own staff during the pre-construction and construction periods.

Project Management versus Architects and General Contractors

Architects and contractors may be very capable at their individual specialties, but their responsibilities are limited to only one component of the entire project, while a project manager is involved in the entire scope from the start, helping develop a clear project vision and stratgy based on client-focused objectives.

Considering that contractors and architects often have opposite and conflicting interests than those of the client, a managing structure in charge of control is necessary in any case.